PROJECT: Residential Interiors 1 - iscd


Deep colours paired with muted undertones in complementary colours brings this house

together to create a dramatic yet subdued environment for a family to dwell. Smokey oak and

cement like porcelain and limestone tiles link the entertaining zones which sole purposes is

togetherness and relaxation.

The kitchen, the heart, can hosts family and friend gatherings with unique joinery and mixed

surfaces, and easily accessible to the outdoor oasis with aqua ripples and lazy lounges. The

living area meets the kitchen with restful window nooks to read a book or play games, dressed

in oak and blushing linen which interplay with feature artworks in dramatic tones.  Brass and gold throughout give that hint of luxury in an understated way.


Colour yet an overall subdued and relaxing energy for the living spaces. Inviting place to reside at the

end of the day. Something a little different from neutral. Functional and able to withstand the

requirements of both the adults and children of the house.


Provide furniture, fixture and fitting advice for the entire property including a few custom joinery

pieces along with the kitchen design/layout.

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