PROJECT: Residential Interiors 2 - iscd


The concept for Phillips residence starts from a place of relaxation, past travels and

reflection. The core concept of waterway travel in India which originates from a favourite

holiday travelling around Kerelas backwaters on a houseboat is further explored to

consider water itself which is an ever changing and moving element. Water carries

various shades of blue and green. It can move methodically in an ever recycled rhythmic

pattern or conversely can be non-uniform and moving against itself in a rocky array. It is

translucent and reflective.


Colour yet an overall subdued and relaxing energy for the living spaces. Inviting place to reside at the

end of the day. Something a little different from neutral. Functional and able to withstand the

requirements of both the adults and children of the house.


Provide furniture, fixture and fitting advice for the entire property including a few custom joinery

pieces for the bathrooms, living spaces and study nook along with the kitchen design/layout.

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